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Sal Jones is a figurative artist based in London, her emotionally charged oil paintings catch the action of expression out of context whilst transforming the stereotypical portrait. Appropriating images from film, media and popular culture, Sal’s paintings investigate our love of the dramatic, focusing on themes of questioning, love, betrayal and power play. The titles, originating from dialogue, invite the viewer to share and empathise with this inner world of familiar strangers. The painted surface draws attention to the process of painting and to the artist’s choices in transforming the source imagery.

I use captured moments rather than the traditional poses associated with portraiture so working with photographs becomes a part of the process. The photographic sources are just there as starting points for the paintings, I don’t stick to them religiously.  I use the paint to draw directly on the canvas then build up layers from washes to more gestural mark making, often combining brushwork with palette knife. It is an intuitive approach, I invent colour palettes and marks that are emotive to the subject. Filmic references coupled with expressive mark making are used to comment on contemporary life; I am interested in the cross-over between the fictional and the real in a society where the two have become ever-more confused.

Sal has a BA Hons in Fine Art and a PGCE in Art & Design, and over 20 years of experience working in the education sector teaching and undertaking art residencies. She is a freelance Artist, Museum educator and exam board Assessment Associate.

Sal has exhibited widely in London and the UK, in selected and solo shows. Works are held in private collections in the UK and Internationally.

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