Hampstead Garden Gallery is a new contemporary art gallery in the heart of Hampstead Garden Suburb in North London founded by Artist Michael Lee in 2020. Having identified a gap for a creative and community-based project space he opened the gallery. The gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists from the local area. The gallery is unique in that it is located within the dynamic events collective hub that includes The Sensation BandRuby J Events and Michael Lee Photography. The collaborative environment offers an enriching experience that is fueled by art, music, and innovative events. 




Michael Lee is British visual artist and educator. His passion for art led him to earn a master's degree in fine art from Middlesex University as well as train in oil painting in Asia. In addition he has exhibited his fine art photography widely across London, UK and Europe and also has worked as an art and photography teacher. Drawing on decades of his experience in the arts, he has keen eye for selecting and curating relevant and compelling contemporary art. 


Associate Curator and Gallery Assistant:

Rebecca Miller PhD is an American multi-disciplinary artist and educator. She studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and earned her PhD from Goldsmiths University of London. She has exhibited her work internationally in galleries and museums. She has a decade of experience curating, facilitating events and creative workshops in the gallery setting. She is energized by working in the arts and curating and promoting artists and their work.  

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