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Lisa-Marie Price is a London based abstract painter that explores the connection between nature, people and place. She investigates how they interact with each other and develops work that portrays the intricacies between them. Her methodical style is created using handmade watercolour sourced from pigment that she forages on her travels. There is often a personalised element to her work focusing on geographical areas that are important to her and of those that commission her work.

In 2017 Lisa-Marie founded ‘The Workshop N4’. A creative space where she develops her own work and creates opportunities for children and adults to apply their artistic skills. Lisa-Marie is often inspired by the projects and work of the children she teaches.


Lisa-Marie graduated at University of East London and has a BA in Fine Art. Her work has been shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019 and in a number of shows, both group and solo, in London and the UK. Lisa-Marie has many pieces of art in private collections in London, UK, Germany and New Zealand.


Artist Statement:


In January 2017 I decided I had to make a change to help our planet. I went vegan. My passion for this change has opened my eyes to a planet I didn’t know before; hidden away, a secret to be unearthed. I wasn't prepared for how it would impact my thoughts, feelings and interpretations of the world. It has transformed not only what I eat but every action I take. Crucially, it has redefined my art. 


My abstract paintings are an interpretation of the relationship between where I travel, the people I meet and the earth I walk on. A growing consciousness of the world has driven me to explore the use of art as tool to advocate change. The end goal being a healthier, more empathetic planet. I map routes, collect pigments from my travels and create watercolour from the earth. Paint foraged from the ground results in a deep forged connection between my art and the natural world.  I want people to feel akin to my work, be it through colour, pattern, place or the meaning behind each piece.

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