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Artist Bio

Rebecca Tucker, b. 1973, studied Fine Art at Reading University, now lives in Greater London and owns an Interior Design company in Wimbledon. She is a Lancashire born/London based painter, whose works are the result of a visual ‘discussion’ between abstract and more representational methods of depicting landscape and the natural world. Using colour, texture, line and layers Rebecca is keen to play with the viewers perception of space in artworks (and what would traditionally constitute a ‘landscape’) and then pull that preconceived idea back to the appreciation of what are essentially abstract marks on a two dimensional surface.

Artist Statement

“Working primarily with water based materials allows the use of water itself as part of the process, painting layers and then fully or partially washing them away, taking advantage of the ‘happy accidents’ that occur, bringing an element of experimentation into every painting. Whilst there is a starting point for each of my paintings, whether that be a place, or an image or a colour combination, there is no fixed idea of what the end result will be, and no fixed time frame in which to complete a painting.”

“I have always worked within the concept of representing an ‘image’ at the same time as creating a painting, trying to abandon the sense of abstraction and figuration as being mutually exclusive. The paintings can, in this way, depict a visually ‘real’ space, whilst also functioning, on closer inspection, as autonomous, non-referential and abstract objects.”

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