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Since my early devotion to painting, I’ve been motivated by a love of nature and a fascination with paint as a material. My paintings feature colour, texture and movement, where I use techniques that involve pouring paint and layering. These processes create surfaces that are reminiscent of dynamic patterns and flow in nature. Using these techniques, I create themed collections, from capturing the effects of climate change to symbols of political unrest.  I gravitate toward the abstract in art because it allows me the freedom to interpret the world I see through my own creative lens. 


In 2018 I visited Iceland which left a profound and indelible impact on my views about global warming and inspired a new creative direction in my artistic pursuits. Iceland opened my eyes to the immediate effects of climate change and how it relates to the landscape.  I witnessed first hand glaciers shrinking, ice breaking and rivers surging. The experience was sublime; beautiful and surreal yet equally disturbing, knowing that it is human activity causing these changes. In my work I strive to show the beauty of the transforming landscape, celebrating with hope what is still here.

√WestWindCurrent.(triptich) sq.jpg
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